We take a very unique approach.

Our innovative legal strategy takes advantage of a simple administrative action that has some very big teeth when applied the way we do. Lenders must PROVE they own your loan, not just that they can enforce it. BIG difference.

Step #1 - Start with a TitleTracs Report.

The TitleTracs Report will take you from learning IF your title is clouded to actually restoring clear and marketable title in your name, ending in the TitleTracs Certification.

The TitleTracs Report has evolved based on our experience in what works. It is designed specifically to meet the requirements of a quiet title action. We dive deep into the validity of the actual recorded documentation in the Chain of Title, something a standard title search does not do.

We zero in on only the strongest, most irrefutible events. Remember, it only takes one event to cloud everything thereafter. This gives your action the highest possible chance of success should your title be clouded.

We investigate:

  • Robo-signed documents (documents signed by unauthorized people, signing names other than their own)
  • Improper securitization
  • Notary fraud
  • Missing or inaccurate documentation
  • State specific issues
  • Fraudulent documents
  • Illegal foreclosures
  • Breaks in the Chain of Title
  • And much more.

TitleTracs is designed to supplement your title policy, removing risk and liability that a title policy won't cover, let alone identify.

Your TitleTracs Report includes ALL supporting evidence as needed (fraudulent document & signature examples, depositions and much more). We also offer Affidavits certifying our findings by our Federal and State Court-approved Certified Fraud Documents Examiner for a nominal fee.

Once the initial TitleTracs investigation is completed and has identified any potential clouds of title, it is up to you to decide whether to move on to the next step in the TitleTracs process to restore clear, marketable title. Do it as a Pro Se litigant or with an attorney, TitleTracs can provide the tools you'll need.

TitleTracs in 3-Steps

Image 05
Step #1 - TitleTracs Report
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STEP #2 - Clear your title

File legal action to clear your title
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STEP #3 -TitleTracs Registry

Once cleared, it becomes a TitleTracs-Certified Property