The TitleTracs Registry

The TitleTracs Registry is a state-wide registry of TitleTracs-Certified properties that have met strict, impartial criteria for clarity and accuracy. The housing industry must have a way to distinguish between a title that is truly clear and accurate in county records, from those that are not. Make sure your property is TitleTracs-Certified.

Setting A New Industry Standard

TitleTracs recognized that the housing industry needed a way to be assured that what appears in county land records is truly accurate - that titles have been legally clear of any risk as a result of the destructive real estate practices of the last few years. After all, major insurance, legal, investment and financial decisions are based on this corrupt information.

A TitleTracs Certification is a sought-after asset to any property as it shows that title is indeed legal and clear and county land records have been made accurate.

Certification will be recorded in county land records, stated on MLS listings as well as included in the state TitleTracs Registry which is accessible FREE by buyers, sellers, real estate agents, lender, title companies and many more, assuring that title is legally clear and county records are accurate.

TitleTracs-Certification may soon become recognized if not required for every real property transaction supplementing a standard title policy.



TitleTracs Certified?

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