You May Be Unknowingly Selling Real Estate With An Unmarketable Title.

Know for sure. Litigation against Realtors is on the rise and will only get worse if you're not prepared.

There is a very good chance you are representing one of the 80 million titles that have been clouded.

Ask yourself, if a legal document has been signed fraudulently (robo-signed) or re-created without the original signatures, is it a binding document? Of course not! It is basic Black-letter contract law AND a cloud on title.

TitleTracs is a whole different kind of title investigation that will protect everyone. And if a title is clouded, TitleTracs is there to actually restore it and then certify it so you, the buyer and the seller are protected from any risk. An TitleTracs-Certified title adds credibility and confidence in buying.
Litigation Against Realtors & Brokers is on the Rise.

"Actions include claims for breach of the standard of care (professional negligence), breach of contract, negligent and intentional misrepresentation, deceptive trade practice, consumer fraud and other state-specific causes of action. In these cases, not only will real estate professionals have to defend a lawsuit, but they may also find themselves in a position where they may have to defend their license before their state licensing agency," (Emerging Trends in Lawsuits Against Real Estate Professionals By Geneau M. Thames, Esq. Niles, Barton & Wilmer). E&O insurance may not cover you if you did not do your due diligence in checking first. It is already happening.

For Realtors, the chance of being sued for selling a clouded title is skyrocketing. Judges are ruling against ignorance as a defense. It is your professional duty to do your own due diligence on the properties you represent, not relying on a title policy. But how do you identify all the potential issues that have caused a title to be clouded if you're not a trained expert? A TitleTracs Report will do the job perfectly.

The A TitleTracs Report will tell you all you need to know and is very different from a standard title report. If a cloud is found, TitleTracs is there to deal with it easily, quickly and economically but only if you know about it.

It is going to take a major change in how real estate transactions are done and it can begin with you.

Bulk pricing is available so let us tailor a solution for you today!

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Protect your clients as well as your reputation. Make sure ALL your properties are TitleTracs-Certified.

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