Are the Loans You've Written REALLY Secured by the Property?

There is a very real chance they are not because clear title is not legally possible.

POINT OF FACT: Nearly EVERY title we've investigated so far has identified some sort of problem that prohibited clear title.

It is now estimated that up to 100 million titles have been clouded since 1999. Simply put, most of the properties you may be financing can not be secured by title to the property. These are events that a Title search will NOT pick up. Your loans are unsecured despite what a Title Report says.
We've just begun to see the problems that will arise if this is not addressed now.

Ask yourself, if a legal document has been signed fraudulently (robo-signed) or re-created without the original signatures, is it a binding document? Of course it isn't. And yet corporate attorneys seem to be missing this fact. It is basic Black-letter contract law AND a cloud on title prohibiting your loans to be secured by the property.

Lenders can not possibly be on solid ground if the mortgages they've written since 1999 are NOT legally secured. Clear title was never possible. Lenders will find themselves in massive litigation with angry owners who can file for quiet title at any time based on events that TitleTracs uncovers. And a lender's recourse is minimal since it becomes an unsecured loan. The debt will only exist once it has been proven in Court that the current "lender" has Standing in the transaction.

The TitleTracs 3-Step Solution is a whole different kind of title investigation and repair that will protect everyone. It will tell you all you need to know to make an informed, accurate funding decision. And if a title is clouded, TitleTracs is there to actually restore it through a network of legal counsel in each state and then certify it so everyone is protected from any risk.

Make sure you make TitleTracs a requirement of all your lending applications. A TitleTracs-Certified property adds credibility and confidence in knowing your bank is watching out for the best interests of its customers.

It is going to take a major change in how real estate transactions are handled by title companies, Realtors and lenders. Making a TitleTracs Report a requirement to every loan you write is a good start. It will also begin to restore damaged property records all across the US.

Bulk pricing is available so let us tailor a solution for your bank. Call today for more information.