Some say your title policy will cover you. Really?

It's basic, Black-letter common law and common sense. If a document is forged, it's NOT a legal, binding document. No matter how you look at it.

The proverbial "elephant in the room."

Ask yourself. How could these events NOT cloud titles all across America? We're seeing only half of the story.

Large settlements, massive litigation and government investigations resulting from the misbehavior of large lenders since 1999 with regards to how they handled documentation has clouded nearly every land title the country. And the industry's solution is an affidavit signed by the lender barring the title company from any liability, which means, you're on your own.

It doesn't matter if you don't have a mortgage or are not in foreclosure. You're still at risk.

And as an owner of a clouded title you cannot legally sell or insure it. It MUST go through a legal process to be cleared. If anyone in the Chain of Title even suspects that something was wrong with their ownership at the time, it's a pretty safe bet they will question what occurred and you'll have to defend your ownership, costing you ten times more later.

TitleTracs is a PRO ACTIVE approach, repairing public land records and restoring your clear title.

What TitleTracs can do is incredible (and very legal).

Our unique approach takes advantage of a little used, simple legal action that has some very "big teeth" when applied to what we do. Over 95% of our investigations have turned up fatal defects in the land title, affecting legal ownership. And in most cases, we also prove the "current" lender being paid every month really isn't the rightful lender at all. Your loan was most likely paid off by unknown investors behind the scenes when your loan was securitized (over 90% of them were). However, your loan servicer may have "forgotten" to tell you, allowing you to still pay them each month. Unbelievable but sadly very true. A TitleTracs Report will tell you exactly where you stand.

Once cleared by court Decree, the property no longer secures payment on your Note. The debt may still exist, but with the TItleTracs solution, they must PROVE they own your loan, not just the ability to enforce it. That's a big difference. Your property is now out of their reach and in most cases, we prove they have no Standing to collect.

Who Needs a TitleTracs Report?

Every property owner, buyer, Realtor, lender and attorney does. As of 1999, the need for a supplement to the standard title research/policy is vital to assuring clear title. Especially properties that were refinanced, bought, sold, modified or had a principal reduction anytime since 1999. Right now, properties are being sold with only the blessing of a title policy that never investigated the Chain of Title for fraud or inaccuracies. Good title cannot be legally obtained from a clouded one.

Bottom line, if you don't check now, it will catch up with you sooner or later. BE PRO ACTIVE. Order a TitleTracs Report today. You could own your property outright, with no debt attached.

TitleTracs puts the power in YOUR hands. Order your TitleTracs Report today!