There is nothing like making sure people really do own their biggest asset - their home.

Here's what some of our clients have to say...

  • We have completely changed our legal strategy based on what TitleTracs has uncovered. Not only have they proven that the lender has no Standing to foreclose, they used fraudulent documents to do it. Our attorney is now clearing our title FIRST and will then attack the fraudulent foreclosure separately. With TitleTracs, we now have the ammunition we need to be successful. And with all the luck, own my property outright. - Redington Beach, FL
  • TitleTracs reviewed the documents we had versus what was recorded with the court in our foreclosure. It didn't match up! Thank you TitleTracs for possibly saving our property (still awaiting a successful outcome to vacate our foreclosure in court) - KY

  • We were able to "negotiate" with our lender from a position of power after TitleTracs did their investigation into our title. We have now re-financed our commercial property with terms WE wanted instead of the other way around. - Tampa, FL

  • Title Tracs found a problem with the home we were selling out of state. The house had been paid off for many years and we just wanted it TitleTracs Certified as we were getting ready to list it for sale. Upon doing the research, TitleTracs researchers found that county land records contained our neighbor's foreclosure documents! Serious issue, particularly since we were trying to sell. Title Tracs was able to help us understand and correct the problem with the County Recorder so that we wouldn't encounter any problems in completing the sale.

    While the problem was scary at first, we learned lot about the title registration process and will be much more informed buyers in the future. Would certainly have Title Tracs look into any real estate we purchase in the future. The experience with Title Tracs was wonderful - smart, helpful and supportive. - Punta Gorda, FL
  • Title Tracs is a lifesaver. In my war against the hopelessly corrupt banks, they've given me the tools needed to win. The founder, Donna Steenkamp, has gone far beyond the call of duty to help me. Not only did she properly investigate the title of my property, confirming that XXX Bank has no legal or lawful claim on my property, she's kept in constant touch w/ me w/ current court cases and rulings that could help me in my fight to keep them from stealing my home.

    I wish I could donate a MILLION $$$ to help this cause. Do yourselves or your friends a favor and hire or recommend Title Tracs, it could save your home that you've worked for years to obtain. - Tampa, FL

  • Thank you. It looks so good, If I get my remedy, I will invest in your company! - Sunnyvale, CA

TitleTracs in 3-Steps

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Step #1 - TitleTracs Report
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STEP #2 - TitleTracs QT Portal

Clear your title.
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STEP #3 -TitleTracs Certified Registry

Once cleared, it becomes a TitleTracs-Certified Property