What happens of you don't check? It will get very expensive later.

    With over ONE HUNDRED MILLION titles in America clouded, chances are very probably there is a cloud on your title. You could be paying for a property you can't legally own and don't even know it. Worse yet, you could be paying a lender that has nothing to do with your loan.

  • If clouded, you will not be able to insure it and existing coverage you may have can be deemed null & void. Insurance companies will not pay on a property that you don't legally own.
  • ANY past lender or owner can, at any time, file suit against the property due to their own circumstances (an illegal foreclosure, etc). There are cases where several lenders were claiming ownership at the same time! There are even cases where the owner had no mortgage at all, only to find themselves involved with a foreclosure involving a past owner's lender trying to recoup their loss. You may not lose the property (although there is a chance you could) but you could get a hefty legal bill when you have to defend it in court.
  • As current "owner," you will have to defend your rights and title. These event have already happened and just because you don't know about it, you are not protected. It will be up to the Courts to decide what will happen. But remember, you may have never had clear title in the first place. Either way, you will have to hire an attorney to represent you.
  • You can not legally sell or refinance your property until title is cleared. You are still open to the liability long afterwards if the person you sell it to learns that you may have sold a property that you yourself didn't legally own or that the title was clouded in some way.
  • Your title policy will NOT cover this type of event. These events fall outside their scope of work. You are only half covered.
  • Taking the "wait and see" position opens up very expensive legal liability that can happen at any time. Unfortunately the industry's solution is to pass off the liability to someone else, ending with the current owner to handle. And their solution will not restore title clarity or accuracy of information. TitleTracs solves all that by providing a PRO ACTIVE solution BEFORE things get out of hand, saving time, money and heartache.

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